Advantages And Different Types Of Street Light

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There are several types of street lights which are implemented on the side of the road and walkways such as street light, light pole, lamppost, street lamp, light standard or lamp standard. Technically, the distance between the two street lights should be 29 meters. It is defined by the calculations of pole height and considering other factors in mind. Purpose of keeping a standard distance between the street light is to give a proper lighting on the streets.

Modern day street lights have light sensitive photocells which activate automatically when light is needed and switch off when it is not needed.

Advantages of street light

One of the major advantages of street light is that it aids in prevention of the accidents and also increases in safety. In a survey, it is found that accidents mainly happen due to no street light but it is reduced approximately around 50% where there is street light. So, the use of street light is very important.

Types of street lighting

Each country uses different types of street lighting. Street lighting can also be used to decorate the street there are many types of fancy and funky street lighting which are installed where there is lot of tourist attraction. However, new technology introduces you with compact florescent lamps which consume very low energy and have a life span of almost 10 years. There is also a solar wind powered street light for which there is no need of electricity and it is also the cleanest source of street light.

There are many types of street lighting columns on which lights are installed. These include:

Stepped tubular steel – it is the most common type of column which is used for conventional street lighting. It consists of a constant diameter column shaft which has a large diameter base compartment.

Stepped tubular aluminium – it is almost similar to stepped tubular aluminium but the aluminium extrusion can lead it to a greater variety which includes fluted shafts.

Special – this type of street light is very small in number because it signifies the local landmark or any design and this type of street light can be found around that landmark only.