Classic round neck t-shirts and collar shirts are the most preferred choice of clothing for men. But these days, the men’s fashion industry has greatly transformed, hence a variety of choices of shirts are available for the stylish men. Now, you can create your own collection of shirts so that you can ensure that you have at least one for different occasions. Mix and match different styles of shirts to create a perfect functioning wardrobe. It is the reliable online clothing stores for men that will definitely help you in grabbing the best styles of shirts for different occasions. Different types of shirts are available in solid colors and different patterns of prints. Lines and checks are probably the first choice of many guys when shopping for shirts.

Shirts on the basis of collar designs

Classical collared shirts are very common in style. Pointed collars and cuffs are the specialist features of the collared shirts. This type of shirt is perfect for formal and informal occasions both. Collarless shirt is the best alternative for the informal occasions and when you are on the casual trips. This type of shirt probably has no collar. The unconventional design of no collar gives this type of shirt design an attractive look.

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Shirts on the basis of fabric

Cotton is the most common fabric for the shirts but these days, many fabrics are getting popular for the shirts. Different varieties of cotton are used in giving different texture to shirts. Denim shirts are highly appreciated when paired with jeans, trousers or shorts. Silk shirts are the perfect for wedding and informal parties.

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