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In theory, any person can call himself/herself to be a freelancer journalist since there are no strict qualification requirements and rules for entry. However, only the ones having appropriate skills and experience can succeed. This guide will brief some tips that can assist you in becoming a successful freelancer.

Some Tips

  • Follow Successful Ones

If you want to succeed in freelancing, then follow some accredited freelancer journalists. Such people have been in this profession for years and thereby must be having a good experience in the same. If you already know a certified freelancer journalist, make time to meet them and understand more about the profession.

  • Join An Online Freelancer Community

There are various online communities where you can connect to the people of your choice. Most of the times, no subscription is required to join such communities. Therefore, search thoroughly for some good websites and after reading reviews, join the community.
There are lots of accredited freelancer journalists on such communities and they can guide you in the best way. You can post your queries on forum and can get the best guidance. Besides this, you can indulge into discussions with other freelancers to get a better idea of what the profession is all about.
Usually such groups are supportive and friendly and if you ask good questions, you will see others putting efforts to answer your queries.

  • Joining Training Course

Nowadays, there are various training courses provided by private institutions. You can join one such course to enhance your knowledge about the matter. These courses cover most of the areas and help you to learn essential and digital journalism skills.

  • Start Looking For Work

Even when you are learning, you should start looking for work. You should not wait for your course completion. For this, you can target some publications and can study what exactly they require. There are high chances of getting work in specialist titles, particularly if you possess relevant experience and knowledge.

  • Create Network and Try Building It More

Professional network is quite helpful in a profession like freelancing. You should try to get in touch with more number of freelancers and should focus on increasing that network. Social media websites are an easy and great way of connecting people. These platforms make it easy for you to know what publications require and who is writing for them at present and on which topics. Try to build rapport with other freelancers and ask them to introduce you to their editors.

  • Research Upcoming Publications

Study on what a particular magazine, newspaper and website publishers. Go through some of their articles and see what topics they cover. Particularly, look for publications you like reading. Check submission guidelines of such publications and if you can’t find them on website, email editors and ask them.

  • Pick Topics Which Other Reporters Are Overlooking

It’s easy to get entry in those lines where competition is less. You should pick those subjects that other freelancers are missing. This way, your chances of succeding will be higher. However, it is important that to know about topics for which you are required. Read more news and articles to keep you updated with this knowledge.


Hope these simple tips will help you to become a good freelancer.

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